Saturday, February 11, 2006


This is a story about a boss that affected her co-workers so much so that we just had to set this blog site up as a reminder of how BAD a MANAGER can be at managing staff.

We call this site "Tales from the Far Side"

Her name, (not her real name), our so called "boss", our "fearless leader", for this blog site we call her "Curly Twirly". For those who read this, know who she is!!!

Here are just a few quotes from our fearless leader:-

"You're wasting your time, I'm not going to read it!!"
"The whole place is falling apart"
"I don't care about the customer"

The games she would play . . .

one of our fellow co-workers came into our place of work and gave us the heads -up that Curly Twirly had asked him to "Spy" on the both of us. Little did she know that he we got in first and that he became our counter spy!!!!

as soon as you question her, she would deflect or beat you over the head, like you knew nothing as if to say "Respect my Authoratar!!!!!"

More will be added very soon, just testing to see if this works . . . .